Can you do a custom pattern for mahjii swimwear?

We do have our own design range, however depending on the quantity that you require; we can do a custom mahjii swimwear design for you and have it printed.

Do you make sizes larger than XL?

Due to the complexity of the printing and the design and layouts, we do not offer more than an extra large in our sizes at the moment. We are constantly reviewing our processes and if it does end up working for us, we will produce more sizes.

Do you offer sponsorship through mahjii swimwear?

Yes we are happy to sponsor a team subject to application. If you are a sports team looking for sponsorship of clothing, contact us via the website and we will send you an application form for consideration. We believe always in giving back to those who support us.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our mahjii swimwear briefs all over the world from Asia Pacific, to Africa, North America, Europe and South America. Where ever you are, we will find you should you order from us.

How quickly are my mahjii swimwear swimmers posted?

All of our items are posted using Australia Post. Depending on the location of where you are depends on the shipping time.

  • Within Australia – Usually 2- 3 Business Days
  • International – Usually 7 – 10 business days.

Is Mahjii made in Australia?

Yes all of our mahjii swimwear is manufactured and made locally in sunny Sydney, Australia and then shipped and sold all over the world.

Is the term ‘Limited Edition’ just a marketing ploy/gimick?

No! Our Mahjii swimwear is limited edition once the pattern sells out we will not repeat the pattern again. So you need to be quick to avoid disappointment.

What fabric do you use for the mahjii swimwear?

We use a specific chlorine resistant fabric that is soft to the touch but hard against the chemical effects of chlorine. To be more specific we have the following information about our mahjii swimwear:

  • High UV rating of 50+.
  • Soft to touch.
  • Has superior wearer comfort.
  • Excellent stretch and shape retention.
  • High level of colour fastness and has excellent 4 way stretch durability
    The fabric is water repellent and dries quickly.
  • High quality stretch PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) Chlorine proof liner, which thanks to its 100% Chlorine resistance is ideal for high or any garment lined which is exposed to high levels of Chlorine.
  • Provides the ultimate Chlorine resistance in without compromising on elasticity and wearability.
  • Suited for water sports, prolonged contact with Chlorine does not cause this product to lose its elasticity, which frequently occurs in classic elastane fabric.

Are you producing more than just mahjii swimwears?

Yes, we have released our new range of men’s sleepwear. We have two designs available in two different types of cuts, a boxer short cut for those who like to show some leg and a longer to the knee cut for a more relaxed casual look.

Will you be producing a ladies range?

At present, we do not have a ladies range planned, however with Mahjii and our design experts who know what could be around the corner! Subscribe to our newsletter and see.

Do you give discounts for bulk orders?

Yes we can give a discount for bulk orders. Simply contact us for more information and the qty that you are interested in and we can accommodate your request. Be careful however as the swimmers are limited edition, you may end up purchasing the whole amount!

Are there any wholesale options for your brand?

Yes, we can provide numerous whole sale options for you if you are interested in taking us up and selling our product via your retail store. Contact us more for an information pack and are more than happy to show you how we are happy to serve those who love to show off our brand to the world.

What does Mahjii mean?

Mahjiii is derivative of Swahili meaning spiritual water. All of our designs are a little exotic, our aim is giving you that spiritual experience of feeling special when you wear our designs, knowing that there is only handful of you in anywhere in the world that can have our design. We GUARANTEE it!

How do I care for the swimwear?

Our mahjii swimwear is pretty easy to look after, just make sure that once you wear it in the water, you take it off while showering and rinse it under the water and then leave it to hang dry inside. (If you leave it outside, just turn it inside out to protect it from the harmful UV rays that will damage ANY clothing. All of our swimmers are hand stitched and designed to stay with you for a long time.

What is the fabric for your sleepwear?

The fabric for the sleepwear is made from 100% cotton with a statin finish. The cotton is strong durable cotton that gives you breathable comfort in summer and a warm insulation for the cooler months. We can absolutely guarantee the quality of fabric for our sleepwear and we are very proud of what we have produced.

How does your sizing compare?

Mahjii Swimwear

These have been designed for those who like a snug fit with their mahjii swimwear. As such the sizing chart displayed is absolutely exact. We have used the speedo size as a guide but not a guarantee
You need to make sure that you have no ‘sagging on the bum’ to make sure that the swimmers fit properly
YES they will be tight initially but then after a while they will give about 1 – 2% as they fit around your body


Our sleepwear has been design exact to manufacturer instructions and made accordingly. If you like your sleepwear to be a little ‘baggy’ then go up a size and you should still be fine, however we have found with the new releases that whatever your underwear size is will match us.


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